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March 7, 2016

**Minutes are considered to be in DRAFT form until approved at the next scheduled meeting**

The Board meeting was called to order at 7:05PM

In attendance: Cindy Pike, Alyson Grzyb, Dave Thomas, Darcy Nutter, Carrie Gutbier, Martha Folsom, Joe Zimmerman, Phyllis Skidmore (librarian), Brian Allen, Susan Bauers
Absent: Gracie Smith, Henry Cochran
Guests: Bill Budde

Minutes (February 2016):
• Corrections to Minutes
• Motion to approve minutes –Martha (motion), Alyson 2nd

Librarian's Report (summary):
• E-Reader policy reviewed. Remove limit of number of books downloaded. Add wording to indicate that users follow library Internet policy. Brian moved to approve, David seconded. Motion carried.
• Little libraries – Arlington Select Board is considering tonight. If approved, will still have to choose location and get the box built.
• Petition policy review – signing of petitions except library and other non-profit items. Library petitions allowed. Alyson moved to approve updates to policy. Martha seconded. Motion carried.
• Town officer's education conferences in Killington. Might be of interest to library board. Brian and Phyllis would like to go.
• Copier isn't under a contract, can't get parts. Paying for toner. Decided to keep running copier on time and materials service for as long as we can.
• Syria program was successful.
• Celine's photography show opening was successful.

Treasurer's Report (summary):
• Endowment/memorial to checking account.
• 2015 surplus moved to endowment
• Endowment interest to long term maintenance fund
• Sinking fund interest to long term maintenance fund
• $5,000 goes to 2015 sinking funds, remainder to long term maintenance fund
• Vermont Country Store check received $2500 for Russell Collection air conditioner.
• Discussion of going to outside payroll service in lieu of bookkeeper providing that service. Cindy will review options.
• Need to sign new paperwork from bank tonight for new officers signing authority. (This was done.)

Old Business:

1. Buildings and Grounds update –
A. Landscaping – Carrie met with Brandon Tschorn from Sandgate. Need estimate of what we want to spend. Possibility of doing it in stages? Pull out existing shrubs and plants. Plant perennials, add rocks and grasses, mulch. Brian mentioned that Berkshire Bank does a lot of donations, so could ask for some funds for landscaping. Darcy suggested we ask for $5,000, and have Carrie see what we can do for $3,000. Martha moved that Carrie approach the landscaper and authorize up to $3,000 expenditure. Cindy seconded it. Motion carried.

2. Kyle Crofut and Nick will be coming to replace rotted boards on the building this week. Kyle has questions about paint. Darcy said match it as closely as possible. Shutters will be removed, taken out, painted and brought back.

3. Basement:

A. Alyson got a quote from Secor group who works with Efficiency Vermont. Representative met with Phyllis and Alyson. Can do more tasks for us, but quote for basement is $10,865, includes:

a. Retesting building before and after install (blower test)
b. Supply and install 3" foam
c. Supply and install wallboard on exposed concrete walls
d. Insulation connected with insulation anchors
e. Paint with off-white finish that looks like a finished basement

Motion made by Cindy to approve work from Secor group to do the work on basement and have them submit to Efficiency Vermont, Carrie seconded, motion carried. Alyson will connect with them and tell them April 1st. Alyson will also get a quote on the light fixtures and a heat pump in the Russell collection.

B. Randy came in and looked at the lights. Said we could replace the boxes and use LEDs. Suggested we could also sheetrock the ceiling and put surface light mounts in as another option.

4. 20th anniversary committee met in Feb

a. 200 invitations
b. April 1st, publicity for essay contest, Front Porch Forum, newsletter, GNAT. Prizes for winners, Elementary, Middle School, High School and Adult – Northshire bookstore gift certificates. Susan will review with grades 3-5
c. Julie confirmed the musicians
d. May 22, spring cleaning, board members needed
e. Recognition of past board members
f. Walk through coming up Thursday 3/10
g. Dave VanDeWater will design invitations, mail by April 15. Will design program folder. 17x22 poster of winning essays for posting.
h. Dave has developed a poster for the celebration. He will also help with fundraising, Brian will meet with him.

5. Technology workshop update – Joe and Phyllis. Phyllis will start on Internet searching and looking up information. She will send out Front Porch Forum asking for suggestions.

6. Chamber of Commerce – Martha has been putting info from a link on the Chamber of Commerce site. She pre-plans the links each week and then sends them over.

New Business:
1. Fundraising update – handover to Brian going smoothly. Cindy and John will continue helping. Timetable for annual appeal set.

2. Committee guideline meeting – Darcy met with Sandy and Jane to review and set expectations for the future in dealing with the board.

3. Nothing to report from finance committee (David).

4. Rare book review (Bill Budde)
Songs of Scotland rare book found. 2 other rare books found. Brian recommended that we sell the books together via an auction house. Brian will investigate and report back to the board.
Bill put together 12 months of doing genealogy presentations that we can advertise. Will be presented beginning this month. Possible Norman's Attic participation. Vote on mission statement. "MCL Advocates are a group of committed volunteers who support the Library Board through activities that raise funds and promote community participation". (Note: this has not been approved yet, and is only a draft).

5. Advocates group – discussed book sale coming up this weekend.

6. Federated Church of East Arlington proposed supporting the library with a community dinner. Board members would help serve and promote. We are enthusiastic about this and Alyson will get more details.

Next meeting – Monday, April 4th
Meeting adjourned at 8:51PM.

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