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February 5, 2018

**Minutes are considered to be in DRAFT form until approved at the next scheduled meeting**

The Annual Board meeting was called to order at 6:05 PM

In attendance: Cindy Pike, Alyson Grzyb, Dave Thomas, Phyllis Skidmore (librarian), Sheila
Kearns, Carol Farley, Katie McCartney, Bob Dudley, John Spencer, Bill Budde (Russell
Collection), Dave VanDeWater

Absent: Carrie Gutbier, Sally Ayrey, Cathy Taylor, Laura Crosslin

Guests: None


  • 2017 (February, 2017)
    o One correction. Carrie’s last name is Gutbier not Gruber. Motion to approve
    minutes from last annual meeting as amended – moved to approve by Sheila,
    seconded by Bob, motion carried unanimously

Librarian’s Report (summary of 2017):

  • Phyllis reported that the Efficiency Vermont retrofit went well and had a positive effect
    on the utility bills. We have been meeting all of the milestones so far.
  • Another big issue this year was the furnace replacement.
  • The new interlibrary loan system seems to be working well except a recent discovery
    that fiber connect libraries are dropped at times.
  • Peggy applied for 2 grants both for $1,200. Both were awarded. We purchased some
    furniture for the children’s room and museum passes.
  • The new donation box was stolen. (this was the second time). A new hardwood box is
    now bolted to the counter to deter future theft.
  • New hanging system in the gallery is up.
  • Library and Russell collection were featured on GNAT.
  • JISP after school program continues to be successful.
  • Normal statistics.
  • Complete details are in the Librarian’s annual report.

Treasurer’s Report (summary):

  • We ended the year with a surplus, ($18,030) mainly due to a good returns from the
    endowment, plus lower than expected utility bills
  • Cindy recommended we move the surplus into the long-term maintenance fund since it
    was essentially down to zero following the recent furnace failure and replacement.
  • Sheila asked about a technology expenses line. Since we could not purchase the
    anticipated computers in 2017, should we try to move any forward into 2018. Phyllis
    said the computers are still in decent operating order and we have more money
    allocated for 2018 so we should be fine. The copier might be a bigger technology issue
    this year.
  • Annual fund was below what was anticipated but we still hope a large donatin will be
  • Dave moved that we earmark surplus funds to be moved to the long term
    maintenance fund. Bob seconded. The motion was approved unanimously.
Old Business:
1. Russell Collection report – Bill sent out a report.
2. Programming Report – Carrie sent a report
3. Legacy committee – Dave T. reported that the committee did not meet this year. Dave
did succeed in getting one person he was talking with commit to making a bequest in his
4. Alyson recognized the work of Dave T., Cindy, and Simon that will be leaving the board.
We also recognized Alyson’s work
5. Nominating committee –
a. New Members on Board:
i. Cathy Taylor
ii. Katie McCartney
iii. Laura Crosslin
b. New officers
i. Sheila Kearns, President
ii. John Spencer, Secretary
iii. Sally Ayrey, Treasurer
iv. Carol Farley, Vice President


New Business:
1. Dave V. moved to adopt the slate of officers, Dave T. seconded. The motion was
passed unanimously.
2. Cindy will stay on as a check signer until Sally returns. Bob moved to allow Cindy
remain as the check signer for the Library and Dave T. to continue for the Russell
Collection until the end of February. Carol seconded. The motion passed
3. Alyson will continue to monitor the Efficiency Vermont project and step in as needed.

Meeting adjourned at 6:42 PM.

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