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February 5, 2018

**Minutes are considered to be in DRAFT form until approved at the next scheduled meeting**

The Board meeting was called to order at 7:01 PM

In attendance: John Spencer, Phyllis Skidmore (Librarian), Bill Budde (Russell Collection), Bob Dudley, Cindy Pike, Dave Van De Water, Dave Thomas, Sheila Kearns, Carol Farley, Katie McCartney, Carrie Gutbier, Laura Crosslin

Guests: None

Absent: Brian Allen, Cathy Taylor

Additions to the agenda–
1. Add a discussion on Brian’s letter about the Dorothy Canfield Fisher award.
2. Discuss performing an audit with the changing of Treasurers

- January 2018 – Bob moved that the November minutes be approved. Dave V.
seconded. The motion was unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report (summary):
- Details are in the treasurer’s report
- Not too much activity in January.
- Received a check for $116 from a free will offering to help with the furnace

Librarian’s Report (summary):
- Petitions were successfully submitted with 20+ names in excess.
- Peggy applied for a Berkshire Grant for $1,250 for Childrens’ programs
- Phyllis went to second Bennington County Librarian’s meeting. Main topic was funding.
- Wednesday afternoon JISP programs have started
- Statistics are normal
- The board made sure all town meetings would have library representation

Martha’s Book House Report
- The sign is frozen in place – a project for the spring
- Sandy is sorting through books in the basement. Always looking for sorting volunteers.

Collection Report
- Not much done in January
- Young adult and Science Fiction are next for weeding.

Programming (Adult, Youth, Children’s)
- Carrie – first program in February with Grass Roots Solar coming. Sunday, Feb 11 at 2PM.
- March – someone from UVM to discuss invasive species
- April – Helene Lang coming as Agatha Christie

Staff and Volunteer
- No changes

- We still need to get some pricing for new computers

Buildings & Grounds
- Henry agreed to plow the back parking lot and Jamie is sanding.
- Not getting many high school volunteers to help shovel sidewalks and steps.
- Dave V. asked if we had ever explored getting a larger sign for the library at the school entrance. Trees are blocking the sign now. The sign is pretty small. Dave V. would like a sign for the Canfield Gallery in addition to the Library. John suggested the Russell Collection should be on the sign too. Changes will require zoning approval. Dave V. to investigate.

- Dave V. reported that 200 post cards had been mailed about the Aperture exhibition.
- Press releases have been made. A great article is in the News Guide today
- The Canfield Gallery Facebook page has been shared on the MCL Facebook page
- Many other websites are carrying information about the exhibition several specifically to the art community
- Dave V. is going to NYC on Wednesday to get exhibit and table bases.
- Exhibit will be set up on Wednesday and Thursday.
- A monitor will be required for security purposes during Library hours.
- Hanging alarms have also been investigated.
- Phyllis will contact the insurance company about whether a rider is required
- Funding has not yet been secured, but is still being worked on. The budget is about $1,000.
- Bob said one of the books is controversial. He wondered how best to respond to visitors who may have issues. It was decided we would promote these as an art books. Art is often controversial.
- Leslie Heathcoat a Brattleboro artist will come in after the photo show exits

Russell Collection Report
- Bill reported a book on Shay’s Rebellion will be coming out soon.
- Another book will also recognize an area musician.
- Both books will recognize the Russell Collection
- Interest in putting together some exhibits. Finding a location to exhibit is difficult.
- Cindy suggested an idea of using the community meeting room here at the Library. The ability to continue to hold meetings in the room would need to be maintained.

Community Awareness Report
- All on track

Select Board Relations Report
- Discussed town meeting and liaison.

Old Business:
1. None.

New Business:
1. Discussion of Brian’s email regarding the decision by the VT Board of Libraries to recommend to the State Librarian that he Dorothy Canfield Fisher Book Award be renamed. Sheila reviewed the VT Dept of Libraries minutes and a formal proposal that was made. She will try to get the information and send it to the board for further consideration. Don Keelan has also been watching the situation and sent a letter to Phyllis which she will forward. The board has “advised” the State Librarian to change the name of the award. The state librarian has the job of renaming the award. Sheila asked Phyllis about the annual process. Phyllis said the first step in the annual process is for the DCF committee meets to create a list of 30 books. Sheila recommended we review all of the materials and discuss the topic further at the next meeting. Sally recommended (via email) that Brian draft a response.

2. Phyllis received an email about town officers’ conferences coming up that are relevant to Library Trustees.

3. Sheila asked if anyone was familiar with the last financial audit. Dave T. said the last audit was performed about 6 years ago. Dave suggested asking Pat Williams. Phyllis will ask her the next time she sees her. Dave also noted that we will need a chair for the finance committee.

Next meeting – Monday, March 12th at 7PM

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM.

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