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March 12, 2018

**Minutes are considered to be in DRAFT form until approved at the next scheduled meeting**

The Board meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM

Board Members In attendance: Phyllis Skidmore (Librarian), Dave Van  De Water, Katie McCartney, Brian Allen, Sally Ayrey, Bob Dudley, Kathy Taylor, Bill Budde (Russell Collection), Sheila Kearns, Laura Crosslin

Guests: None

Board Members Absent: John Spencer, Carol Farley

Additions to the agenda–

  1. Endowment – Sally to share information with the group since finance committee is only one person currently.
  2. Phyllis – use rest of the $400 for space planning – create a committee


  • February 2018 – Bob moved that the February regular meeting minutes be approved as amended by John in a recent email.  Dave seconded.  The motion was unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report (summary):

  • Cindy and Sally met on Saturday
  • Sent out financial report
  • As we go along, Sally will revise some of the reports to be more concise with details available.
  • The library received $20,000 from a super donor.
  • We are OK on cash flow, so the money will be put into the endowment.
  • Brian asked if those dollars are counted toward last year’s goal.
  • The money can be shown as on the endowment or on the annual fund?
  • Sheila stated that as long as we can track the dollars raised in each distinct cycle
  • Brian stated he was thinking of it so the donor doesn’t think this money is for 2018 vs. for 2017.  We should be explicit in the thank you letter to call out 2017 and be signed by Sally and Sheila
  • The elevator company is raising the maintenance fee.  It is standard for it to increase each year.
  • Bank accounts – Sheila and Sally are signers
  • Corporate resolution gives authority to Sheila and Sally.  We should be sure to limit authorities.
  • The Russell Collection account is with Bank of Bennington, the Library account is with Berkshire bank and consists of checking, money market, and savings account all with minimum balances which is inefficient.  Sally will combine some of the accounts.
  • Sally has to go to probate court to receive $5,000 from a donor.  John Wyland (sp?) is still connected to us as a legal rep & we can reach out to him with questions about this. Allyson signed previous notices. A morning in April – should be quick
  • Finance committee needs people.  Two meetings a year (July/Dec) Sally, Brian, Mallory, Pat Williams presently– asking Dave for minutes.  Does chair have to be a board member?  Sally thinks so.  Send an email, explain needs, and ask for community members who might be interested.
  • Member of the finance committee needs to review bank statements as second check.  Provides another level of oversight.

Librarian’s Report (summary):

  • Book donations
  • Peggy is planning summer stuff and applied for grant.  Push out from just elementary aged event to include teens and family as well
  • March events flyer
  • April is Financial literacy month – come up with a program?
  • Phyllis forwards conference info about library / town (town officers educational conference)

Martha’s Book House Report


Collection Report


Programming (Adult, Youth, Children’s)

  • Solar event drew about 13 people
  • Emerald Ash Borer talk on 3/25. Dave suggested sending out information to environmental groups
  • Sunday April 8 at 2PM.  Helene Lang coming as Agatha Christie.  Living history

Staff and Volunteer




Buildings & Grounds



  • Good vibe for opening.  40-50 people.  Very engrossed and good feedback.  In Free Press. Exhibit ends on Thursday.  Pack it up Friday. $972 total costs. Got a donation during the show. Will get out letters to people he knew enjoyed and might be willing to sponsor / donate
  • Got a talk coming up too.
  • Social media has been great and helpful.
  • Lesley Heathcote (Brattleboro) in March – all animals, wild farm pets. Dave will get posters out to board members to distribute. Opening is Thursday 3/22 from 5:00-7:30.
  • Working on fly fishing show.
  • Town of Arlington will be featured in Manchester Life this year
  • Four Freedoms show, July show – 5 artists, painters in Saturday Evening Post, essays by relatives, framed portraits, and past covers. Security made showing originals impractical – will be reproductions
  • Artist agreement states that artist is responsible for their work – needs further investigation.
  • Marketing – Manchester Life (June – Nov) is lot of inns/hotels.  Since Arlington will be featured, now is a good time to buy an ad which costs $660.  We should raise money for it. Board agreed to try, so going to go for it for this season.  Dave will send out design

Russell Collection Report

  • Been busy
  • Donated piece of West Arlington bridge to collection
  • Don Brown memoirs
  • May get materials from John Werner’s estate
  • Four freedoms is generating some queries
  • Local inns, events, approximately 42 attendees – nice interest
  • Starting genealogy event, 9-10 attendees
  • Light bulbs fixed by Randy

Community Awareness Report


Select Board Relations Report


Old Business:

  1. Letter to State Librarian – there was agreement that the letter was well written.  Refer UVM naming of buildings.  Maybe strike that 4th paragraph about a single person – broaden it.  Public broadcasting stations have the document.  Partner with UVM researching eugenics in VT and buildings.
  2. Audit – Phyllis will call Pat Williams about doing this

New Business:

  1. Town meeting – Sunderland and Arlington approved request.  any news on Shaftsbury?  Need to follow up.  Sheila will contact the moderator
  2. Bylaws – 2011 last review.  Should be done every 5 years.  Will be reviewing them.  No need for an overhaul, nothing substantial.  Sheila took text from web.  Phyllis will make sure it is accurate.  Bring to board to vote.  Bob and Sally will work with Sheila.  Maybe straighten them up a bit.  Sheila will email them to all.
  3. Endowment.  Is it doing for us what we want?  Question f or Finance committee.  Bring a speaker to the Finance committee to help make sense of it all.  Also invite Board to July meeting with endowment manager Krause.  Krause has discounted their fees for us.  Rations of portfolio to types of investments.  Moved from extreme conservative to moderately conservative investments over time.  They will work within our guidelines.  Sally is feeling OK staying with Krause.  Dave has a friend that works with Morgan Stanley.  Eric is a consultant who helps small non-profits.  Strategize – are we interested?  Does Eric want to be on the board?  How can we grow the endowment?  Who would do it with the current board make-up?
    Super donor – how do we plan/account for it if she stop?
    Because we use all of the interest for operating expenses, where is the long term growth?  We can’t stop depending on the interest, but how do we find capacity to do more?  Bob asked how do we get more donors?  Will people donate?
  4. Space planning committee needed.  Dave, Phyllis & Sally volunteered.

Next meeting – Monday, April 2nd at 7PM

Meeting adjourned.

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