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April 2, 2018

**Minutes are considered to be in DRAFT form until approved at the next scheduled meeting**

The Board meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM

Board Members In attendance: Brian Allen, Sally Ayrey, Bob Dudley,  Cathy Taylor, Sheila Kearns, John Spencer, Laura Crosslin, Carol Farley, Carrie Gutbier

Staff: Phyllis Skidmore (Librarian), Bill Budde (Russell Collection)

Guests: Nique Fiegel

Board Members Absent: Dave Van De Water, Katie McCartney

Additions to the agenda–

  1. Sally asked add a discussion of the audit process


  • March 2018 – Brian moved that the amended March minutes be approved.  Bob seconded.  The motion was unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report (summary):

  • Large donation made last month needs to either go to annual fund for 2018 or to the endowment.  We will consider it an annual fund donation at this time.
  • There is $5,500 more in budgeted income vs. expenses due to sinking funds.  Sally plans to eliminate the sinking funds.
  • Sally passed around a balance sheet and asked if anyone wanted to continue to see it.  Brian said yes, so Sally will continue to send.
  • Question about fixed assets.  Is there a list?  Phyllis said it is probably not up to date both in terms of items and values.  Phyllis will work on updating it.
  • Discussion of grants and how they should appear in the budget.  Some that go to operating expenses should probably be anticipated and in the budget, but perhaps not the ones for special things.
  • Brian said the annual draw from the endowment was an averaged 5%  for operating expenses but not intended to go into the endowment capital.
  • Sally has been cleaning in the basement.  Old voting proxies, prospectuses, etc. have been saved for the last 6 years for tax purposes.  All the rest are being tossed.  These will be passed along to Brian going forward.

Librarian’s Report (summary):

  • Peggy went to Bennington County libraries participating in 1000 books before kindergarten.  Bags with 5 books that patrons can borrow to read to their children.  After reading 200 books they get free books/prizes.  So far 10 children have been signed up and 3 new patrons.
  • Statistics are normal

Collection Report

  • Finished weeding science fiction, moving onto young adult next.

Programming (Adult, Youth, Children’s)

  • Next Sunday is the Agatha Christie program
  • Arlington renewal meeting tomorrow night at the Legion at 6:30

Buildings & Grounds

  • Phase 3 of landscaping.  Take juniper out on north side and replace with a low maintenance item like a lilac and put in another new tree.  Should we proceed with this or just do usual spring clean-up?  Sheila asked for estimates for the new landscaping.  If the cost is reasonable for the additional landscaping we can proceed.  We should proceed with the spring clean-up.


  • Sheila said there was a nice opening for the current gallery display.
  • Some prints have been ordered but none of the originals have been sold.
  • Carrie asked why the opening was moved from Saturday to Thursday.  Phyllis had discussed this and the openings might be moved back to Saturdays.  Many who attend the openings don’t like to drive at night.

Russell Collection Report

  • Reviewed written report.
  • Need to find a place to display documents during the summer.  Sheila asked to see if Gallery could be used during this time.  Laura gave the dates for the gallery.  The Rockwell display ends August 11th.  There may be an opportunity to move in after that.  Bennington Battle day weekend might be after that.
  • We might want to ask the Bennington Battle group for a donation to help display and store the documents.
  • Laura will check with Dave to see if the gallery can be reserved during this time.
  • Bill will follow up with Dave on requests about the Heyde painting.


Old Business:

  1. Need to identify a Finance Committee chair and an understanding of the duties/responsibilities of the finance committee.  Brian said the chair reviews the Kraus reports, convenes the meeting, etc.  Brian will see if his church has a job description.  Brian will volunteer.
    Sally nominated Brian Allen as the chair of the finance committee.  Carol seconded.  The vote was passed unanimously.
  1. Sally asked, “what is the auditor supposed to audit?”  Pat Williams is performing the audit on 2017.  How often do we do it and what do we want to get out of it?  These all need to be discussed and decided upon.
  1. The Bylaws need to describe the frequency of the audit. This can be incorporated into a draft of proposed changes to the bylaws. Sheila will work with Bob and Sally to bring a draft to the board. Sheila also wanted to specify the permanent standing committees. Initial thoughts are finance and personnel. Sally said we wanted to broaden the responsibility for overall tasks across the board so we are not so reliant on any one or a small number of board members. Bill said that the Librarian’s job description needs to be reviewed too. Sheila will move forward with the review of the bylaws and bring more to the next meeting.

New Business:

  1. In the process of digging through documents, Sally became aware of something from TIAA we need to go into Executive session to discuss.  Premature public knowledge would be detrimental to the Library and/or Board. 
  2. Sally made a motion to go into Executive Session, Brian seconded.  Approved unanimously.  Bill, Phyllis, and Nique were excused.
  3. Executive session was adjourned.
  4. Review of the “General Policy” will be discussed at the next meeting.

Next meeting – Monday, May 7th at 7PM

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.

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