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February 4, 2018

**Minutes are considered to be in DRAFT form until approved at the next scheduled meeting**

The Annual Board meeting was called to order at 6:10 PM
Board memebers in attendance: Betsy Habberfield (elect), Denise Koller (elect), Phyllis
Skidmore (librarian), Sheila Kearns, John Spencer, Bill Budde (Russell Collection), Laura Crosslin,
Dave VanDeWater
Board members absent: Katie McCartney, Brian Allen, Carol Farley, Carrie Gutbier, Sally Ayrey
Guests: John Koller

   - 2018 (February, 2018)
      o No corrections were recommended to the minutes from the last Annual Meeting in 2018. Motion to approve minutes from last annual meeting was made by Dave – seconded by Laura, motion carried unanimously.

Librarian’s Report (summary of 2018):
   - Phyllis reported that Peggy has been getting some grants
   - Arlington Area Renewal Committee – Phyllis reviewed the structure and progress of the group. Working on creating a community calendar. Participating in the Farmers Market, etc.
   - Reports on statistics and annual data
   - Laura pointed out that circulation was up – that is good news.

Treasurer’s Report (summary):
   - Sheila reviewed the numbers prepared by Sally and presented. There were no questions

Canfield Gallery Report (summary):
   - Dave reported there was a change in the revenue from the past year (decrease) – this year was more educational in nature rather than “art for sale”.
   - Dave said we will go back more toward the previous model in 2019
   - There are some opportunities for “directed gifts” that Dave is pursuing.
   - Dave and other feel we got a lot of high visibility and goodwill from the community in the last year due to the gallery shows.
   - Sheila was asked if there was any way to track visitors. A guest book has been the best indicator in the past. Dave mentioned that the Rockwell exhibit did far better than almost any other exhibit.

Russell Collection Report (summary):
   - Bill reported that overall it was a good year. Genealogy inquiries are down likely due to the accessibility of much of this information on-line these days. More inquires on local history and home history.
   - Need to consider indexing some of the information on the homes
   - Discussion of community services volunteers to take photographs of houses in historic districts in East Arlington and Arlington.
   - A discussion followed on a variety of options and ideas about how to document some of these houses.

Annual Fund
   - John presented data for the past 3 years related to the annual fund. He indicated that in general we keep mailing the same people (with the exception of new library card holders who opt-in) and these people keep giving reliably, but that the number of donors keeps decreasing every year and we need to think about ways to get more people.
   - It was suggested that we put something on the website to ask visitors if they want to be added to the mailing list
   - People can sign up at the front desk
   - Another idea for a way to get more donors – have annual fund envelopes more easily available.

Buildings and Grounds
   - Most people felt that the grounds were well kept this year.
   - Carrie offered to keep in touch with the landscaper even though she is leaving the board.

   - There is hope of re-vitalizing this group in the coming year.
   - Denise has offered to spearhead this group.

Election of New Officers:
   1. Sally agreed to run for re-election
   2. Slate being proposed –
      a. Members for the Board of Trustees:
        i. Sally (re-election)
        ii. Betsy
        iii. Denise
      b. Dave made the motion to accept the slate above. Denise seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 6:55 PM.

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