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August 5th, 2019

**Minutes are considered to be in DRAFT form until approved at the next scheduled meeting**

Carol Farley presiding. Sally Ayrey, Laura Crosslin, Denise Koller, Judy Steron, Dave Van de Water, Cathy Taylor, were present. Phyllis Skidmore and Mallory Rich also in attendance.

Minutes of previous meeting were accepted.

Treasurers Report
The treasurers report was presented. The financial report appears positive. There will be a meeting of the financial committee on Wednesday August 14 at 3:00 pm.
The work to be done by the committee was discussed. There were varying points of view on the priorities, and whether the endowment principal might be applied toward operations. The need for resource development (fundraising) and increasing the yield from investments were the other factors noted as critical. The committee was encouraged to pay attention to all factors as they review the performance of the current investment advisors and make plans for 2020.
The Advocate Committee has been restarted with new members and a postive energy. They have initiated a 50/50 raffle to be drawn at an event October 6. Trustees are encouraged to sell raffle tickets. The tickets will also be sold at the front desk of the library. The Advocates bake sale generated $337 in revenue.

Librarian's Report
Phyllis went over the highlights of her librarians report. Key points:
   -Memorial Day parade a great success. Our float pulled by horses was special.
   -Boiler was inspected. Need for new valve.
   -She visited the Bookstock event in Woodstock and brought back an example of a capital campaign being conducted by the Woodstock library.
Peggy Hanson's letter of resignation and the search for her replacement was discussed. The need for proper protocol (background checks, etc.) was mentioned. The board should review the job description being developed as well as the hours and benefits authorized for the position. These should be discussed and approved at the September board meeting.

Russell Collection
The report from the Russell Collection was acknowledged, including the excellent work of Bill Budde in producing the Rockwell Exhibition at the State History Museum in Montpelier.

Canfield Gallery
A report was given on the Rockwell exhibit covering the design of the exhibit and the installation on July 29th. Photos were shared with the board. The exhibit opened on the 30th and will run through the end of January 2020. An open house reception is planned for September 21 in Montpelier. Roughly $13,000 was raised from sponsors and donors and the project will be completed within the budget.

Adult Programs
Upcoming events were reviewed including a diverse program planned in connection with the Vermont Humanities initiative to read great books on the subject of race in America. In September, there will be reading of "March" the graphic novel on the life of civil rights activist and congressman John Lewis. Later, there will be a program on the reading of "To Kill a Mockingbird." Upcoming topics in the Spring will include Finacial Literacy and Health and Wellness.

The meeting adjourned with the next one set for September 9

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