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3/16/20 - Library Board Meeting
Minutes via Zoom

In attendance: Carol Farley, Betsy Habberfield, Phyllis Skidmore, Bill Budde, Judy Steron, Bill Henry, Laura Crosslin, Denise Koller, Sheila Kearns

New Business:
Sheila moved to suspend our normal agenda. We all have all reviewed Bill, Phyllis, and Denise’s reports; no need to go through

Denise noted that we are financially OK; endowment is doing well compared to stockmarket -12% vs -30%

Closure of the library
Judy noted that the Manchester library is already closed. Betsy asked if we were closed to the public, could volunteers come in to help? Sheila - “doors are closed, but services are available.” Denise - Dorset - staff will be manning the phones. We need to be clear about the parameters of who can enter the library. Denise needs to sign checks, needs access to get information for taxes

Laura - concern re: checking out books/sanitation?

Phyllis - people could take books out until this is over, or when they come back, we can disinfect/quarantine.
What are other libraries doing?: curbside, home delivery, promoting Listen up Vermont
When are we going to close? This is short notice; should we give people time to come in or just offer delivery?

Starting 3/17/20 Arlington schools will be closed to students. We don’t want kids to end up “hanging out” in the library. What should we do about adults who use library computers? Maybe reach out and offer them laptops from the library?

Denise suggested we call patrons to let them know we will be closing and work to accommodate them.  Laura noted the language should be, “as long as we are able.”

Phyllis expressed concerns about such short notice to the public; other libraries are giving people a little notice. Sheila suggested we put up a sign that says we are not open, but we are available via phone.

Sheila - do we want to set up a voicemail to allow for multiple messages? Phyllis/Holly will be there to answer the phone, so not necessary. Sheila and Phyllis will work out language about closing and post to: Front Porch Forum, Facebook, Website, Arlington Facebook page, email to patrons

Denise motioned we close the library to the public immediately, and we will reevaluate during our April 6th meeting.
Seconded by Carol Farley. All in favor - yes

Phyllis and Holly will continue working to whatever degree they think is reasonable under the situation, and Phyllis will reach out to volunteers based on need.  Personnel policy regarding sick leave covers minimum criteria for Vermont paid sick leave law.

Old Business - Fire Alarm
Phyllis is waiting on Randy.
The cost to replace is $6000 for a conventional version and over $7000 for a “fancy” version. Phyllis will email the quotes to everyone.

Denise motioned to adjourn

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