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May 4, 2020

**Minutes are considered to be in DRAFT form until approved at the next scheduled meeting**

The Board meeting was held via video conference and was called to order at 7:04 PM

Board Members In attendance: Sheila Kearns, John Spencer, Betsy Habberfield, Laura Crosslin, Judy
Steron, Brian Allen, Carol Farley, Alyson Grzyb, Bill Henry

Staff: Phyllis Skidmore (Librarian)

Guests: None

Board Members Absent: Dave Van De Water, Denise Koller,
There were no additions to the agenda
 Previous meeting’s minutes – Sheila point out one date to be corrected. Carol moved that the
April minutes be approved. Betsy seconded. The motion carried unanimously.
Treasurer’s Report
 Sheila asked for comments or questions. Shelia said it all looked in order. There were no
comments or questions
Librarian’s Report
 Have been doing curbside deliveries. Holly and Phyllis sharing the responsibility
 Holly doing Facebook story times – positive feedback
 Phyllis has been keeping up with Covid-19 news related to the Library
 Some circulation but much lower than last year
 4 new library cards issued to access on-line tools
 Could use some paper bags for the curbside service
 Supplies are adequate
 Hand sanitizer OK for staff, will need more if we open to the public

 Phyllis has been reporting activity to the Department of Libraries
Russell Collection Report
 Sheila asked for comments or questions on Bill’s report on the Russell Collection
 Phyllis said Bill has been sorting through information about the Hale Corporation
Old Business
1. Phyllis reported that the elevator had been inspected and found a problem (the alarm didn’t
work) and we were given a conditional pass. The alarm has been fixed and all is well
2. Fire alarm update – Received quote from Monument. Similar to but perhaps slightly less than
Hataway’s. Phyllis mentioned that we have used Hataway’s in the past and they are familiar
with the building. Phyllis would like a decision. A discussion followed.
Brian moved that we go with Hathaway. Carol seconded. The motion passed unanimously.
New Business
1. How/When to reopen the library –
Phyllis reported on her research. She and Holly are willing to continue to curbside service for
the time being. Phyllis said the guidelines require naming a Health Officer. As examples, this
officer would:
 Check in with employees/volunteers up to possibly taking their temperature
 Coordinate with town and other health officials
 Make sure hand washing and sanitizing stations are available
 Ensure social distancing guidelines are being followed
Currently, Phyllis does the cleaning of the Library once a week. Carol suggested we consider
hiring someone to clean every day the library is open. There are a lot of common surfaces to
wipe down.
Brian asked about Plexiglas screening the checkout desk. We’ll also need to consider moving
furniture, remove computers or find a way to space them out more.
Hand sanitizer dispensers were also discussed. Phyllis will ask our paper products vendor about
How about the requirement to wear masks? We would follow general guidance (CDC) on this.
For now we would require masks for employees, volunteers, and patrons.
Sheila asked Bill H. if the town offices had identified a health officer. Bill reported that this has
always been a position in the town. Robin Wilcox does a lot of cleaning of the town hall. Town
hall is still generally closed to the public.
Alyson said she assumed someone like Phyllis would plan the role of the health officer.
Someone who is there most of the time.

Sheila suggested that perhaps we initially limit the hours of operation so that Phyllis could be
there all times the library is open.
Brian asked if we should consider curbside service even after the building is open. Phyllis said
we could look for recommendations from the Governor. Perhaps we can also work with other
public buildings and other non-profits about getting supplies we’d need as we move toward
being open again.
Laura asked if volunteers would need to bring their own masks or whether the Library would
supply them. If we require masks, we’d need to likely have a supply and how to deal with those
who don’t want to comply.
Phyllis reported that the inter-library loan system will not open at least until June 1.
Sheila wants to look into and consider hiring a cleaning service to do more frequent cleaning.
Betsy said that if volunteers were asked to do it they would need a checklist. Carol will ask at
the school if janitors would be interest in some additional hours.
Sheila suggested starting to develop a checklist of what we need to have in place. Phyllis will
start a draft that can be circulated and turned into a more formal plan. Phyllis will also watch
for similar checklists from other libraries.
Laura asked who we would go to in order to get a Plexiglas barrier. We will ask around where
other companies who have them in place have obtained them.

At 7:55, Brian moved to adjourn, Alyson seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

The next meeting is Monday, June 1

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