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Minutes - October 2020 Board Meeting - The Martha Canfield Library
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October 5, 2020

**Minutes are considered to be in DRAFT form until approved at the next scheduled meeting**

The Board meeting was held at the library and via video conference and was called to order at 7:02 PM

Board Members In attendance: Sheila Kearns, John Spencer, Denise Koller, Brian Allen, Bill Henry, Betsy
Habberfield, Don Trachte, Carol Farley
Staff: Phyllis Skidmore (Librarian), Bill Budde (Russell Collection)
Guests: None
Board Members Absent: Dave Van De Water, Judy Steron, Laura Crosslin, Alyson Grzyb,
There were no additions to the agenda

-- Previous meeting’s minutes – Denise moved that we approve the August and September minutes with no changes. Don seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report
-- Written report submitted
-- We received a $20,000 bequest from the estate of Ann Reynolds Smith. This really helps us this year.
-- It will be critical to get the annual appeal out quickly and try to raise more funds
-- No further discussion on capital funds which were covered at the last meeting
-- The balance sheet is through September even though the date on it says 12/31/20

Librarian’s Report
-- Written report submitted
-- Things are going “normal”. Circulation slows down in September, typically
-- About to ship some boxes out of the basement
-- Advocates collecting things for the basket raffles
-- Santa is “virtually” visiting on Dec 17
-- Stuff for the baskets is due Nov 10
-- Holly is working on a grant
-- Denise recommended the board do a chocolate basket again this year

Russell Collection
-- Written report submitted
-- September was slow in the Russell Collection
-- One call from Washington DC and one from Arlington, VA

Adult Programming
-- First virtual program – “400 miles down the CT River” – a narrated slide presentation given by Michael Tougias. About 8 people attended on-line.
-- Carol would like to talk with Phyllis about making this a regular feature so people can plan to attend on a regular basis.
-- Bill mentioned an online presentation on Dorothy Canfield Fisher. Bill will talk with Phyllis about it tomorrow in the Library.

Finance Committee Report
-- Brian reported on the meeting last week with Missy Kraus (Zoom)
-- The portfolio looks good. Approximately $1.7 million market value
-- Denise has not taken any money out this year.
-- 63% equities – guideline is no more than 65%
-- Reviewed state of the economy first half of the meeting, then the specifics of the portfolio the second half of the meeting. Denise agreed with Brian that Kraus has been doing a great job.
-- Do a “lifecycle” fund for employee retirement accounts
-- Judy moved to make the TIAA lifecycle fund be the default retirement fund. Don seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Old Business
-- No further news on the handrail

New Business
-- Basket raffle. This was already discussed.
-- Brian gave the Rockwell exhibit 4 framed 4 Freedoms posters. Don has them, but they really belong to the Library. We need to decide if we want to do anything with them. Don will continue to store them for now.

Next Meeting: Monday November 2, 2020 @ 7 pm.

Denise moved that we adjourn. Don seconded. The motion was passed unanimously.
The meeting ended at 7:30 PM

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