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August 2, 2021
**Minutes are in DRAFT form until approved at the next scheduled meeting**

The Board meeting was held at the library and via video conference.
Board Members In attendance: Sheila Kearns, Brian Allen, Denise Koller, Alyson Grzyb, Betsy Habberfield Laura Crosslin, Carol Farley
Staff: Phyllis Skidmore (Librarian), Bill Budde (Russell Collection)
Guests: none
Board Members Absent: John Spencer, Judy Steron, Dave Van De Water, Don Trachte
No additions to the agenda.

• Carol motioned to approve the May and June minutes, Denise seconded.  The motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report
• Denise shared her report via email.  Nothing new to report

Librarian’s Report
• Getting donations and moving to house for the book sale which will open mid-August
• Open days/hours will depend on the volunteers
• Don, Brian, and other volunteers did some trimming & weeding (will talk more later in the meeting)
• Summer reading program in process; take & make kits are popular
• Circulation is going back up & more people are coming in.  
• Book weeding in progress
• Needing volunteers still

Russell Collection
• News worthy donations: Pennant and info from community war prep from WWII from St. James church, got letters from Dorothy Canfield Fisher and Philippine physician who took care of her son.  We/Board will send a thank you note to the family who donated the letters. Brian gave some background on the letters.

Gallery Update: 
• Dave sent out some information prior to the meeting about how the reception will need to be tweaked due to a community picnic also on 8/28 starting at 4pm. We talking about keeping it on Saturday by changing the times to 2-4pm (from the typical 3-5pm). 
• Talked about logistics, clearing out the gallery & getting the new works installed. Artists will have their work done (some needed more time & made arrangements with garden owners).  Work will be for sale and library gets 25%.  Garden tour sold 250 tickets and went well.  There was a donation from the Neuberger foundation $2500 for the gallery.  Artists were wondering if they could bring more pieces.  Dave agreed but stipulated not more than 2 or 3.  
• Wondering if show can be up longer. Dave’s email mentioned another exhibit, but Betsy will connect with Dave.  Also, a question of when/if we’ll do the craft sale in December, Phyllis will connect with the advocates to confirm.

Adult Programming:
• Carol shared her work with Phyllis on winter programming planning.  She’s thinking a theme of Winter Wellness.  Maybe one speakers from the VT humanities council on cultivating mindfulness maybe in November.  Day/time is still in flux, not sure when we’ll get the best attendance.  Then doing a series throughout the winter during library open hours: chair massages, vet and wellness in pets, guided meditation workshop, yoga, mental health/stress relief, tai chi.  (ARPA grant doesn’t cover presenters).  Embedding the events into the days to see if that will increase attendance/interest.
• Unsure how the winter will go with covid though and about securing presenters/volunteers.  Asked the board to think of people. Talked about logistics.  Bill mentioned the Lucy Terry Prince event recently as a place to start.  Phyllis was going to reach out. Carol asked Bill about his genealogy programming which is still in the works
• SPARK grant question: Carol mentioned that the SPARK grants this cycle are only about art and art-focused.  None of our stuff this year would probably qualify.  Also, mentioned that the council only gives out 3-4, so it’s probably a long shot since it’s due quickly (August 8).  
• Carol will make up a calendar for the events for winter and coordinate with Phyllis and Bill. Try to push into November to see if we won’t compete with beautiful October weather.

New Business:
• ARPA Grant:
    o Phyllis is finalizing the proposal, around $6000 or so, due Aug 9.  Bill requested a scanner ($400-500 models will fine).  Other options an outdoor screen, projector, PA system so we can show movies.  A pop-up tent for outdoor story times and other outdoor events.  Maybe a 3-D printer.  Also, thinking that adding manga to the collection would be popular to residents.  Wireless printer as well on the list, especially for using with phones over the wifi.  
     o Denise wanted to talk about the 3-D printer request.  Would it be helpful for programming?  What is the scope of the device?  Have we thought it out, especially if the cost is high (there is a range of price points).  Could appeal to teenagers and youth, but would we know enough about how to use it and teach patrons?  Talked with Carol about what school has and if they would share/use.  Sheila mentioned that Bennington has/had a makers space; mentioned how fast technology evolves and wouldn’t want what we buy to be instantly obsolete.  Maybe we can pursue the middle/HS angle, especially if we could do a maker club partnership for the club days.  Carol is going to look into it and see if the presenters could be paid through the school since the grant is only for equipment.  Maybe for the JISP Wednesdays too.
• SPARK Grant:
    o Since we don’t have anything art-specific, unlikely to get any money this year.  Timing is also not on our side right now.  Next year makes more sense.  Maybe there are ways we could get a grant and do more with the art/garden connection next year.

Old Business:
• Grounds – Talked about hiring someone to do the regular maintenance.  Nothing in the budget because the snow removal tends to take up all the outside money.  We used to have a grounds committee, should we revive?  Perhaps we need to make space in the budget (2022 calendar year) for this recurring need.  Relying on volunteers doesn’t seem to be working. Last time Brandon Tschorn came was a few years ago.  Looking for someone now seems to be hard because schedules are already full. Could we shift some monies around?  Phyllis has reached out to Brandon, but will keep trying.  Talked a bit more about money/budget/endowment.  
• Book Sale – Phyllis gave the update in her Library update.
• Active Shooter update – nothing presently, still working on a draft

Looking ahead to rest of meetings for 2021: talk about fundraising and town budget requests.  Not sure if the town got covid funds too.

Brian made a motion to adjourn, Denise seconded, and meeting was adjourned. 

Next Meeting: September 13, 2021 at 7pm

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