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December 6, 2021

**Minutes are in DRAFT form until approved at the next scheduled meeting**

The Board meeting was held at the library and via video conference and was called to order at 7:36 PM
Board Members In attendance: Betsy Habberfield, Brian Allen, Denise Koller, Alyson Grzyb, John Spencer, Laura Crosslin, Judy Steron
Staff: Phyllis Skidmore (Librarian), Bill Budde (Russell Collection)
Guests: None
Board Members Absent: Dave Van De Water, Don Trachte, Sheila Kearns, Carol Farley

Public comment – there were no comments

Additions to the agenda –

  • None


  • Previous meeting’s minutes (October) were reviewed  - No corrections – Denise moved to approve the minutes.  Judy seconded.  The minutes were approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Financial statements were presented in advance
  • The new bookkeeper is doing great.
  • Annual fund donations are doing well. Ahead of last year.

Librarian’s Report

  • Written report was submitted in advance
  • Phyllis reported ARPA funding was in hand and deposited in the bank
  • Phyllis is working on the annual report.
  • The book sale was open this past weekend and generated over $100. It will be open several more weekends.
  • The craft show and basket raffle are in progress – Drawing for the basket raffle is on Dec 16th.

Russell Collection

  • Written report submitted.
  • Bill discussed the Kelly Stand guest register that was donated a couple of weeks ago. It also included pages of poetry. More details to follow.

Adult Programming

  • The mindfulness program was held. Attended by 6 non-board members and 4 board/staff members. It was reported to be very well done.

Gallery Committee

  • No report.

New Business

  • Budget for 2022 – This will be presented in January.
  • Potential new board member – Denise sent out information about a potential new board member. Very well qualified. Denise will invite her to the next meeting.
  • There was discussion of how to operate the library with the large number of illnesses in the town and among families of staff and volunteers. Efforts will be made to keep the library’s hours as normal as possible.

Old Business

  • Active Shooter Policy. Brian moved we approve the Active Shooter policy, Denise seconded. The motion was approved unanimously.
  • Annual Fund Update – see budget section
  • Town Funding request preparation. Ask for increases (about 6%)
    • Sunderland - $9,100 to $9,500
    • Sandgate - $3,800 to $3,900
    • Arlington - $21,500 to $22,800
    • Shaftsbury will stay level and was requested by the December 1 deadline
  • Laura moved to approve the numbers above, Denise seconded. The motion was approved unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:14 PM


Next Meeting: Monday January 3, 2022 @ 7 pm.

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