The Martha Canfield Library Gallery will present exhibits which are insightful, informative and provocative. Our mission is to promote and expand the audience for the library through exhibitions and related programs.  Items submitted for exhibit must be appropriate to the standards set for community library users of all ages.



The Art Gallery Committee Chairperson is selected by the Board of Trustees and the members of the committee are recruited by the chairperson.  They are responsible for arranging for artists to display their work, scheduling, organizing the Opening Receptions and making sure the area is cleaned after the receptions.  At the end of the exhibit the Gallery Committee will contact the buyers and the artist and remind them to pick up their items. The artist needs to contact the librarian and arrange a time to pick up their unsold items.



Publicity for Exhibits and Opening Receptions in the local press is done by the PR person.  The artist will provide all material needed for publicity.  The Gallery Committee will review all copy and photographs before release. The artist will be responsible for any further publicity such as radio or TV coverage, ads or reviews in art magazines.



The Opening Reception is held the 1st Saturday of the month, unless it falls on a holiday such as July 4th, from 3 – 5 pm. The artist is responsible for providing the refreshments (no alcohol), setting up and cleaning up (with help from the gallery committee).



Art Gallery is open during Library hours whenever a show is in progress. Exhibits run from the first day of the month that we are open to the last day of the month that we are open. There is no art show in either November or December.



The library’s insurance liability coverage applies only to people.  The artist is responsible for providing any insurance protection for work on exhibit.  By signing the exhibitor agreement form the artist is releasing the library from any liability for damage done to their exhibited works during the show.



The artist needs to contact the librarian to arrange a time to hang the show.

The artist must provide a list of works with the price of each item, sign an agreement form and fill out a W-9 form prior to installation of the exhibit.



A sold piece is left hanging in the gallery until the end of the show. If the buyer wishes the item before the end of the show, he/she needs to contact the artist and make arrangements for the artist to bring another item to hang in its place.



The Library will receive a commission of 25% for any work sold during an exhibit.  For a period of three months from the close of the exhibit, if a work exhibited at the library is later sold to someone who first saw it at the library, the library is entitled to 10% of the stated price.  If an artist should receive a commission from a gallery visitor, within three months of the library exhibit, to produce a work for that visitor, the library is entitled to a 10% commission.  Failure to submit commissions for work sold after the exhibit is closed, but within the three month time frame could result in the artist being unable to exhibit future works at the library and/or legal action.


Rev June 2009