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Canfield Gallery

The Canfield Gallery

On the lower level of the library, a regular series of exhibitions present educational exhibits, juried art shows and work for sale by area artists, photographers, and artisan handcrafters. Artist talks and opening receptions are also scheduled throughout the month. Please follow us on Facebook for information and updates on events.

Ellen Lipshutz Retrospective

July 29 - August 31


Ellen Lipshutz's life, passions, and artistic interests are best summed up in the words of her children, Harris Levitt and Rob Lipshutz, who describe her as “a remarkable woman whose life was shaped by her experiences, love, and dedication, found her artistic voice through the mediums of photography and calligraphy. Growing up in the depression and raised amidst the aspirations and limitations of her parents generation, she forged a path of her own.

Ellen's artistic journey began during her high school years when she enrolled in art classes at the Brooklyn Museum of Fine Arts as a high school student. Later, at Adelphi College, she pursued a major in Psychology and a master's degree in Elementary Education, all the while honing her skills in figure drawing and intricate technical ink drawings. Her mastery of the medium where you dropped ink onto a tweezer-like drawing instrument called a ruling pen, before the advent of the Rapidograph pens, indicated her patience, meticulousness, and pursuit of perfection. As a gifted program teacher in Baldwin, New York, Ellen seamlessly integrated art into her lessons, infusing creativity into subjects like history, math, and science. Her students' posters and projects earned recognition in national competitions, showcasing the impact of her artistic approach.

In the 1970s, while still teaching, Ellen delved into calligraphy and manuscript illumination classes at the Cloisters in New York City. This marked a turning point in her artistic career as she merged calligraphy and photography to create unique compositions, both in the form of cards and individual prints.

Ellen's photography primarily focused on capturing the tranquil beauty of Vermont's landscapes. Whether it was the misty mornings by the Battenkill River, the essence of her adopted hometown of Arlington, the spirit of the fishermen, or the rural charm of Vermont, her lens preserved the captivating essence of her surroundings.

Furthermore, Ellen embarked on international journeys, using her camera to encapsulate the essence of diverse cultures and distant lands. Her photographs became visual narratives, evoking wanderlust and fostering a deep appreciation for the world's diverse landscapes. As we honor Ellen's life and artistic contributions, we recognize the enduring influence she had on her family and community. Her perseverance and determination are mirrored in the academic and artistic pursuits of the children she taught, as well as her own children and grandchildren.”

Lipshutz Sheep

The Gallery is open during library hours: Tuesday and Thursday from 9 am to 8 pm, Wednesday from 9 am to 5 pm, Friday from 2 to 6 pm and Saturday from 10 am to 3 pm. For more information, call 802-375-6153, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or find us on Facebook. A portion of all artwork sold in the gallery goes to support the community-wide work of the nonprofit Martha Canfield Library.


May 4 to May 14
Arlington Schools art show

July 29 - August 31
Ellen Lipshutz Retrospective

November 24 to December 31
Holiday Craft Show

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