Collection Contents

Summary of Contents of the Russell Vermontiana Collection

1- 62 document boxes of collections on various subjects.

2- Approximately 300 original ledgers and account books, primarily 19th Century local businesses and private individuals.

3- Collection of diaries, primarily local 19th Century residents.

4- Complete runs of various periodicals, including Vermonter (1895-1946) and Vermont Life (1946-present).

5- Approximately 6,000 books on the following subjects;

– State of Vermont

– Vermont Towns

– Vermont Counties

– Vermont Genealogies

– Vermont Biographies

– Other New England states

– New York

– Canada

– Vermont Railroads

– Vermont Geology

– Vermont Poets

– Vermont Authors

– Vermont Religion

– Vermont Military


6- Original Arlington, VT library books from 1803, constitution, inventory, etc.

7- Walton’s Register, annual Vermont Almanacs from 1807.

8- Arlington Grand Lists (property tax records)

9- Annual Town Reports for Arlington, Sandgate and Sunderland, VT.

10- Reference section containing Arlington, Sandgate and Sunderland, VT vital records and compiled family genealogies for 800 family names.

11- Vermont State publications; statutes, biennial reports, etc.

12- Vermont State Papers; more than 20 volumes and 8 volumes of Governor and Council.

13- Historical records of the Martha Canfield Library, the Russell Vermontiana Collection and other local organizations.

14- Extensive historic documents and newspaper clippings.

15- Map cases containing maps, old newspapers and broadsides.

16- Microfilm of Arlington, Sandgate and Sunderland, VT deeds and town meetings and Manchester, VT district probate records.