General Policy

As part of the Library’s objective to promote the communication of ideas and to give our patrons the opportunity to expand their knowledge and resources, computers with Internet access are available for use by the public.  Users must complete and sign a user agreement.  There is a time limit of 30 minutes when other patrons are waiting to use a computer.


Responsibilities of Patrons

The Internet and its available resources may contain materials of a controversial nature. Users are hereby reminded that the information they find is their responsibility. The library cannot be responsible for the appropriateness, accuracy or timeliness of information found. The user is solely responsible for ensuring his or her compliance with any federal patent or copyright laws.



As with all library materials, the restriction of a child’s access to the Internet is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian. A parent or legal guardian must sign the user agreement form for any individual under the age of 18 years.  Users age 8 years and younger must use this equipment with adult supervision.


Prohibited Actions

The user is prohibited from using the electronic resources for the following purposes:

  • Use of the hard drive for storage of data or downloading of files
  • Use of any floppy disks in the terminal, except ones newly purchased from the library; this policy will be strictly enforced and is intended to prevent the introduction of viruses into our system
  • Computer hacking or interfering with other users, services and equipment
  • Any use that would violate federal, state or local laws
  • Accessing pornographic materials


Under no conditions should the user respond to any “alert” balloons that pop up on screen, instead they should inform the staff.

Under no conditions should the user alter any settings on the library computers.

Propagation of computer viruses and/or spam messages is forbidden.



A violation of any of the prohibited actions will subject the user to a five day suspension from electronic resources access for the first offense, a twenty day suspension for the second offense and an indefinite suspension for the third or any subsequent offense(s). Suspensions may be imposed by the Librarian.  A violation of a prohibited action may also subject the user to criminal prosecution in cases of violation of laws. A suspended user has the right to appeal to the Board of Trustees.

Rev. June 2009