Games and Puzzles

The MCL has games and puzzles available for all ages. Those most suitable for young children are found in the children’s room. Ones for youth and adults are found in the youth room.

Games may be checked out for 2 weeks, puzzles for 4 weeks.

Games Spotlight

Spy Alley

Type of Game: Board Game
Number of Players: 2 – 6
Age Range: 8 to adult (younger children have played it, as well)
Learning Curve: Easy
Difficulty: Easy to Medium
Fun Level: High
Awards Won: Parent’s Choice, Mensa, Games Magazine Top 100 Games, Family Life’s “Best Learning Toys”

This is a simple roll the dice and move around the board type of game with a lot of skillful bluffing required.

There are six spy cards, each with a different nationality.These are mixed and randomly given out, one to a player who looks at it and keeps his identity secret. Around the board are spaces where a player may buy (either legally or on the black market) all the spy gear he needs to get to his embassy and win the game.

Each player receives a peg board that contains peg holes for all the spy gear for all of the spies. Each time the player acquires a piece of spy gear he must enter a peg in the correct hole. The boards must be visible so that all the players can see what you are collecting. Here’s where the bluffing comes in. You must be careful to obtain gear from a variety of spies so as to keep the other players from finding out who you are. Because if they do identify you – you are out of the game and must surrender all your spy gear and your spy card to the player that uncovered you. If they guess wrong, however, they are out of the game and you get all their gear.