Interlibrary loans make it possible for us to get a book for you from another library when we don’t have it ourselves.

You can email your request for a book to Rachel at martha_canfield_lib@hotmail.com. Include the title and author of the book, your name and phone number, and any time constraints you may have.

We ask that you pick up the book within one week of our letting you know it has arrived. The books are checked out for three weeks. ILL books can not be renewed unless a request to do so is made a week before the book is due, to allow us time to ask the lending library for permission.

If a book is requested but never picked up there is a $3 fine.

While we do not charge overdue fines on our books, often the library is charged a fine by the lending library for books that are late. In this case, you will be charged for the fine.