Mission Statement & Collection Policy

The purpose of the Russell Vermontiana Collection is to collect and preserve books, pamphlets, maps, manuscripts, photographs and other paper pertaining to the history of Vermont. The library’s objective is to maintain and build a collection of manuscripts and published materials and to promote and encourage the study of Vermont history.

Acquisition policy

Materials must meet all of the following tests before being acquired:

1- The present owner must have clear title.

2- If for sale, funding must be available before purchase.

3- The library must be able to care properly for the proposed acquisition.

4- Acquisitions must, in general, be free from donor-imposed restrictions.

5- The acquisition must conform to the library’s purpose and objective.

No staff member shall offer appraisals of the monetary value of materials to donors. Donors desiring to take an income tax deduction must obtain an independent appraisal. All materials acquired for addition to the permanent collection except ephemera and duplicates shall be entered into a permanent accession record.

Deaccession Policy

The deaccession (disposition) process shall be cautious, deliberate and scrupulous. Library material to be deaccessioned must meet at least one of the following criteria:

1- The material must be outside the scope of the purpose of the library.

2- The material is duplicate.

3- The library is unable to preserve it properly.

4- The material has deteriorated beyond usefulness.

5- The material has doubtful potential utilization in the foreseeable future. 

Before any material is deaccessioned, reasonable efforts shall be made to ascertain that the library is legally free to do so. In the event of a question concerning possible restrictions, the staff shall seek the advice of legal counsel. Documentation for deaccessioning will specify the source and/or provenance of the material, the reasons for deaccessioning, the estimated market value and the recommended means of disposal which may include exchange, sale (negotiated, private, public auction, sealed bid or open bid), destruction or transfer to another library. Any single accession having an estimated value of $500 or more shall be deaccessioned only with the approval of the Board of Trustees. All other deaccessions shall be reported to the Board of Trustees at its next meeting. Materials shall not be given, sold or otherwise transferred to library staff members, trustees or their immediate family members. All proceeds from the deaccession of materials shall be deposited to the credit of the Russell Vermontiana Collection and used to acquire additional materials for the collection.

Dissemination of Policy

This policy is referred to on the library’s deed of gift form, and a copy of the policy shall be made available to any donor or prospective donor upon request. Further, a list of all materials which have been deaccessioned from the permanent collection within the past five years shall be kept current and distributed in response to a responsible inquiry.