Ways To Support Our Library

Funds Turn On The Lights and Put Books On The Shelves


Did you know?

The Martha Canfield Library gets the vast majority of its operating expenses from individual supporters and local businesses.

Every single dollar helps.

Talking about money is always sensitive and difficult. The truth is, though, that without it we can not function. Know that we truly appreciate every penny that you donate. We are a non-profit so your donations are tax deductible.

Ways You Can Help

Donate to the Annual Fund – you can do this all year long! The solicitation letters for the annual fund do not go out until October, but we need funds all year long. This is the major source of our operating budget. We can take cash, checks or your MasterCard or Visa or you can donate using the Donate Now link at the top of the page. We appreciate every cent.

Contribute to our Endowment Fund – interest from the fund goes into our operating budget and a donation gives the library funds for years to come.

Arrange for Planned Giving through bequests or trusts. Did you know that there are ways to establish a trust so that the library receives the interest on your capital during your lifetime and on your death the capital goes to whomever you wish in your estate? The library has a small committee that will be happy to meet with you and show you many ways you can do this. Contact Phyllis and she will have the committee get in touch with you.

Give a Memorial or Honor Gift in memory of a loved one, or in honor of an event or person.

Give a Gift For Someone Else. We’ll give you a card to give to that person announcing that you have donated to MCL in their name.

Give an earmarked donation for a special project. Don’t know what the library needs? Ask our Director or a Trustee!

Donate clean used books, movies on DVD, music CDs, games, puzzles, equipment! We appreciate them all. We first check to see if we can use the item in our collection. If not, we place the item in our book sale. Please remember that we cannot use items that have mold or mildew on them, or ones that are in really bad condition, and it costs us to have to dispose of them.

Often the mold is not readily visible to the eyes or the nose. Its first hiding place is usually under the dust jacket. Please check your books before donating them to the library. Mold is a health hazard for library staff, future patrons who read the books, and yourself. As well, it can migrate and infect other books in the library. It is a time-consuming and unhealthy process to try and remove mold and mildew. Our staff is not equipted to do this, so please – please – please check your books before donating them. As much as it pains anyone who loves books to say this, you should throw such books away.


Want to read stories to children? Design and maintain displays in the library? Help organize programs? Join our Board of Trustees?

Volunteers are needed, and greatly appreciated, for a great many tasks, from manning the front desk and shelving books to organizing programs and helping us to raise funds.

Offer whatever talents you might have at the front desk. Our library is made possible through volunteers!

Martha Canfield Library Advocates

This is a group of volunteers that take on all sorts of wonderful projects for the library. If you would like to join them contact Trish Dudley at 375-2219 or show up at the monthly planning meeting at the library on the second Friday of each month at 10 am.

Special Thanks!

Special thanks to these wonderful folks for major contributions – ( in alphabetical order )

America’s Test Kitchen – for cookbooks and cooking DVDs

Battenkill Press – for printing all our ‘stuff’

Bennington Furniture – for assistance in furnishing our youth room and the alcove in the fiction section

Mack Molding – for computers and software

Mark Madison (Dependable Web Services) – for making our new website possible

Vermont Country Store – for help in financing our online catalog

Individual Donor – two book carts

Family of Marge Hanson – railing by the handicapped walkway

Individual Donors – air conditioning and dehumidifiers