Youth Room

“It’s Cool” “It’s a place of our own”“There’s room to study” “I’d like a program about writing poetry” “How about a movie?” 

If  you haven’t been to see our Youth Room, You should come!!!!!



  • We’ve got comfy chairs, a big table to work on, and a pretty good selection of books!
  • There’s a selection of games and puzzles in here, which you can use here or check out and take home.
  • We also have four brand new really good computers!
  • Rules: Keep it quiet, some of us are studying. No food or drink to mess up the place. It’s our space so let’s keep it neat.
  • Wondering how to get your community service hours in????
  • There are lots of jobs that need doing at the Library. Consider volunteering. Talk to Phyllis (our librarian). She is usually in the office and will be happy to find the perfect job for you.
  • How about some programs?
    If you have an idea about a program you would like to come to, tell someone at the front desk about it, or email:
    The program could be about anything – Writing, astronomy, nature, civil war, learning a game, whatever you would be interested in learning more about.